What Are Must Use Plugins in WordPress?

What Are Must Use Plugins in WordPress? The plugin system is one of the most powerful aspects of WordPress. The ability to extend the functionality of the CMS quickly and easily is unparalleled in other platforms. Plugins are typically installed and maintained through the WordPress administration interface, and end up in /wp-content/plugins/ in their own folder. There’s an entirely different kind of plugin that exists though, and it’s called a Must Use plugin.

In this post we’re going to take a look at what they are and how they work, as well as, pros and cons of using them.

OSTips-Can You Manage Your Joomla Site On An iPad?

It’s April 14, 2010. I’m on a motorcycle on my way from where I live, outside of Cincinnati, to a town called Sussex, New Brunswick up in Canada to teach at a university for the week. I’m in a massive traffic jam just south of Portland, when I get a call from a client in San Jose who’s asking, “There’s something wrong with this joomla website. Can you help?” Well of course! So, I pulled out my Macbook Pro, tethered it to my iPhone 3, and in about 20 minutes, his problem was fixed. So the question for today is: Has anything about that scenario changed?

Thanks for joining me today, and of course the answer is YES! A ton has changed.

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